Board Of Directors

Vernon J. Ayton                –        Chairman
Ahmed R. Aslam               –        Executive Director
Peter T. Kanyago              –        Director
Jayesh H. Nagrecha           –       Director
Narendra Thaker               –       Director
Margaret Saitoti                –        Director
Samuel M. Nzioki              –        Alternate Director
Johnstone Musengi            –       Alternate Director
George K. Muhoho            –        Alternate Director

Vernon J. Ayton-Chairman

Mr. Vernon John Ayton is the Chairman of the Board of Directors. He is a founder member and former Chairman of Kenya Marketing Authority.  He has also served as the Chairman of Advertising Practitioners Association and also served in the military service. He has a wide range of experience in business both in Kenya and United Kingdom.

Ahmed R. Aslam-Executive Director

The Executive Director, Mr. Ahmed Aslam, is an established business entrepreneur in Kenya who sits on the Board of a number of companies in the country and has a wealth of experience in business management.  He holds a Masters in Business Administration degree (MBA) from Boston University, London and has over 20 years experience in the management of insurance business.

The other directors are established business entrepreneurs and/or experienced professionals with interests in insurance and industry.

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